Winter Woes

We all know about the dangers of running a car and driving in winter but there’s another hidden problem.

We all appreciate it when the council manages to get the roads gritted for the snow but when it melts it becomes brown sludge and then a cocktail of salt, grit and filthy road grime. As it’s liquid it gets sprayed up by your tyres into the underside of the car and spreads into every vulnerable part of your car that it can – and then dries.

The mixture of this stuff is corrosive to exposed metal and when it dries can also dry out oiled and lubricated parts. Brakes are the prime victim of this and should be cleaned and serviced after a winter of driving on gritted roads – not something you should try yourself, though.

However, there is something easy you can do to help your car combat this corrosive cocktail. The salt solution plus all the de-icer you sprayed everywhere when trying to crack into your car on a sub-zero morning is also bad for your paintwork when left…so as soon as the ice has gone it’s worth getting a really good valet to stop its slow corroding action.

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